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You have been feeling the "Pressed to Pivot". Your spirit is now longer content with how you operated in last season and is wanting more. God is calling you into a new arena and  He has already given you an arsenal of tools to dominate your next. 

During this session you will receive clarity for your next with strategies to implement now. My degree in Small Business and Entrepreneurship and my Master's in Teaching shine through to ensure you pivot successfully. As an ordained Teacher, I allow Holy Spirit to have His way on the calls. 

We start each session in prayer. The session is recorded and you will gain access to the replay.

I don't do fluff, so come ready to elevate. You will leave clear.

The calls have been amazing. The provide actionable steps to produce the oil that increase you income and impact. 


New availability added for the month of May. Schedule your call now. I can't wait to assist your in the monumental pivot towards prosperity. 

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